Board of Directors

Executive Officers

Bob Curtis

Ernie Hyde
Vice President

Cathi Ingersoll

Chuck Sturtevant
General Manager

Steve McAllister

Board of Directors

Hal Rood
Director of Broadcasting & Media

Carol Jones
Director of Fan Relations

Mark Ordway
Director of Game Day Operations

Ken Heisler
Director of Fundraising

Linda Peters
Director of Host Family Relations

Cathy Uhl
Director of Merchandise

Donald O’Malley
Director of Medical Operations

Joe Miller
Director of Facilities Planning & Capital Improvement

Joanne Hyde
At-Large Director

Sean Gallagher
At-Large Director

Patricia Barksdale
At-Large Director

Assistant Committee Directors

Mike Murray
Asst. Director of Baseball Operations

Rick DeMilia
Asst. Director of Financial Operations

Deirdre Banks
Asst. Director of Host Family Relations

Deb Brocklebank
Asst. Director of Merchandising

Karen Trait-O’Malley
Asst. Director of Medical Operations

Advisors to the Board

Rob Blomberg

Kenn Briggs

Dave Cunha

Kevin Fitzgerald

Matt Inman

Meghan Murphy

Gary Rabesa

Tina Rood

Mark Ryan