1995 Cotuit Kettleers Championship Team to be reunited

Everyone looks forward to a “reunion” of any kind. An extra special reunion will take place a week from this Saturday as the 1995 CCBL Championship Cotuit Kettleers team will return to Lowell Park some 30 years later to celebrate its accomplishment.

“Like most of the kids that play in the Cape, its special. Winning is hard and to win a championship in the Cape is probably the best experience in sports those guys have ever had,” explained Mike Coutts, the manager of that team.

Coutts, the current head softball coach at the Colorado School of Mines added, “having been involved in coaching my whole life I have always believed that life comes down to 2 things: One, relationships, and two, the impact you have on others. I know that that summer was special for those guys and the relationships they formed and the impact they had on each has lasted them a lifetime.”

When presented with the idea of a possible reunion, the Cotuit Athletic Association agreed that it would be an outstanding occasion and set aside the July 13 Chatham game as the day to honor those that brought home a championship to Lowell Park. Ironically, that 1995 team earned the championship trophy by ousting the Anglers in the final series.

“To honor past teams usually doesn't happen in summer ball. I know the summer of 1995 meant a lot to every single one of those players and coaches and I know they are grateful to be able to come back to the place that provided so many memories for them,” Coutts stated.

And in a few days, those players will have the opportunity to revisit the site of their special accomplishment and relive their glorious memories.