24 hours in the making: An official ruling has been made on Orleans at Falmouth


Cape Cod Baseball League Commissioner John Castleberry released the following statement regarding the ruling of Firebirds at Commodores on Monday:

"Ruling on Fog Game between Orleans @ Falmouth on 7/8/2024

After research and discussion with President Andrew Lang, Head of Umpires Chris Marshall and
Chris Thoms Head Statistician and since there is no rule in the CCBL Handbook addressing these
issues it will be addressed in the NCAA Baseball Rules Book.
The Rule that applies is on page 50 in the NCAA Baseball Rule book and under Regulation Game in
section b. example 3) states:
b. It shall be a regulation game if called by the umpire at any time after five innings have been
completed, and the score shall be that of the last equal inning played, except that in the
following circumstances the score of the game shall be the total of runs that each team has
In section b under 3) If the team at bat is at bat when the game is called and has scored during
the incomplete inning the same number of runs or more runs than the team first at bat.
Each team must play an equal number of innings unless shortened because the home team
needs none or only part of its half of the final inning.
In a short version the home team scores more runs than the visiting team in the inning where the
game is called within the official 5 inning game rule it is basically considered like the 9th inning of
the game and the score remains as ended.
In this case the umpires on site ruled properly after the 30-minute delay due to the fog. Since the
proper rule was applied and explained by the umpires in charge there is no protest needed and the
final score on the field stands: Falmouth 11-Orleans 10 with a full 7 innings of play.
All statistics from this game will be accountable and added to the team and individual statistical
Again, I hope this gives everyone clarification.
John Castleberry
CCBL Commissioner"