27 former Bourne Braves taken in 2023 MLB Draft


The MLB draft wrapped up on Tuesday with another batch of former Bourne Braves selected by professional organizations. In addition to the three members of the 2023 team who were taken — giving this year’s club five overall — a plethora of additional former Braves were drafted in rounds 11-20, along with others who signed undrafted free agent deals. A total of 27 Braves were taken in the 20-round draft.

Here is the full list of Bourne alums chosen by MLB teams in this year’s draft cycle. The list will be updated as necessary.

*Denotes member of 2023 team

Matt Shaw (Bourne ’22, University of Maryland) — 1st round, 13th overall, Chicago Cubs (Pick value: $4.85m)

Max Anderson (Bourne ’21, University of Nebraska-Lincoln) — 2nd round, 45th overall, Detroit Tigers (Pick value: $1.91m)

Mac Horvath (Bourne ’22, University of North Carolina) — 2nd round, 53rd overall, Baltimore Orioles (Pick value: $1.58m)

Carson Roccaforte (Bourne ’22, University of Louisiana at Lafayette) — 2nd round, 66th overall, Kansas City Royals (Pick value: $1.16m)

Jack Hurley (Bourne ’22, Virginia Tech) — 3rd round, 80th overall, Arizona Diamondbacks (Pick value: $887k)

Seth Keener (Bourne ’22, Wake Forest) -— 3rd round, 84th overall, Chicago White Sox (Pick value: $833.9k)

*Matt Duffy (Bourne ’22, ’23, Canisius College) — 4th round, 115th overall, Boston Red Sox (Pick value: $580.2k)

*Patrick Reilly (Bourne ’23, Vanderbilt) — 5th round, 140th overall, Pittsburgh Pirates (Pick value: $455.6k)

Christian Knapczyk (Bourne ’21, Louisville) — 5th round, 161st overall, Cleveland Guardians (Pick value: $371k)

Hunter Furtado (Bourne ’22, Alabama) — 6th round, 167th overall, Pittsburgh Pirates (Pick value: $351.4k)

John Peck (Bourne ’22, Pepperdine) -— 7th round, 200th overall, Detroit Tigers (Pick value: $267k)

Nick Goodwin (Bourne ’21, Kansas State) — 7th round, 214th overall, Toronto Blue Jays (Pick value: $238.7k)

Ty Cummings (Bourne ’22, Campbell) — 7th round, 217th overall, Seattle Mariners (Pick value: $232.9k)

Braylen Wimmer (Bourne ’21, South Carolina) — 8th round, 232nd overall, Colorado Rockies (Pick value: $209.4k)

Nelson Taylor (Bourne ’22, Sanford) — 11th round, 328th overall, Boston Red Sox

Garrett Edwards (Bourne ’22, Louisiana State) — 11th round, 333rd overall, Tampa Bay Rays

Dakota Harris (Bourne ’22, Oklahoma) — 11th round, 335th overall, St. Louis Cardinals

Josh Ekness (Bourne ’21, Houston) — 12th round, 353rd overall, Miami Marlins

*Logan Evans (Bourne ’23, Pittsburgh) — 12th round, 367th overall, Seattle Mariners

*Brett Callahan (Bourne ’23, St. Joseph’s) — 13th round, 380th overall, Detroit Tigers

Elijah Nunez (Bourne ’22, Texas Christian) — 14th round, 405th overall, Washington Nationals

*Joe Vogatsky (Bourne ’23, James Madison) — 14th round, 424th overall, Toronto Blue Jays

Nigel Belgrave (Bourne ’22, Maryland) — 15th round, 443rd overall, Miami Marlins

Carson Jones (Bourne ’22, Virginia Tech) — 15th round, 457th overall, Seattle Mariners

Tomas Frick (Bourne ’22, North Carolina) — 15th round, 462nd overall, New York Yankees

Matt Jachec (Bourne ’21, Indiana State) — 18th round, 548th overall, Cleveland Guardians

Nadir Lewis (Bourne ’22, Princeton) — 20th round, 600th overall, San Francisco Giants

Hunter Loyd (Bourne ’22, Campbell) — Undrafted free agent deal with Philadelphia Phillies

Josh Moylan (Bourne ’21, ’22, East Carolina) — Undrafted free agent deal with New York Yankees