Become a Host Family

Our network of host families is an integral part of the Firebirds team, welcoming our players into their homes each summer. Our core group of families absolutely love the experience of hosting their ‘summer son’ for season after season and cherish the ability to cheer on their players every game, create lifelong friendships and follow their players throughout their college career, drafts and even into the big leagues.

Each season, our players answer a questionnaire regarding their preferences for housing (think homes with kids, housing with multiple players, etc.). From there, they are matched with their family, many of which house players each and every season. It’s a positive and FUN experience for all!

Interested in becoming a host family?

Call Nancy Nickerson at (508) 255-3328 or email

Life as an Orleans Firebirds host family

Some of our Firebirds host families

Host Family FAQs

Do we have to provide food for the players?

Yes. We require that you provide food for breakfast such as cereal or eggs that players can prepare for themselves. Although host families are not specifically required to provide all meals, all must provide kitchen privileges and most also include their players in family meals. There are post-game team meals at the clubhouse after all home games.

Do we have to provide transportation for the players?

It is not the responsibility of the host family to drive their players to the field. Some players will bring their own cars and some will not. Players with cars are asked to transport players who do not have cars. The team travels by bus to all away games. If we have enough cars, we try to make sure there is at least one player with a car at each host family home. On occasion some host families have an extra car that they allow their player to utilize over the season, but we leave this decision entirely up to the host family.

What are the requirements to host a player?

Host families must be able to offer players adequate living space, food for breakfast, kitchen privileges and laundry facilities. Players should have a separate room to live in with their own beds, but multiple players may share one room. Players may only share rooms with other players.

It is ideal for host families to have availability in their homes for the entire time players will be on the Cape, which begins one week prior to Opening Day and ends at the end of the season. However, families who are not able to host a player for the whole time period may host temporary players.

What towns are able to host a player for the Firebirds?

Orleans, Eastham, Brewster and Harwich are all acceptable places to host a Firebird.

Do we have to entertain the players?

Host families often spend time with their players outside of games, but it is not required to do so.

Do players pay rent?

NCAA rules require that rent be paid by players. The total amount of rent will be payable to the team in advance of the season and we will compensate the host families through the season.

By opening your home to our players, you are making it possible for more than just baseball to happen. Memories will be made for both the players and the host families, and lifelong friendships will be formed. As a host family, you provide the players with a “home away from home” and so much more.